Wanna watch a grown man choke on sriracha cotton candy? That and more in What's in the Box? Episode 5

Are you obsessed with collecting Funko products? Or even enjoy watching a grown man choke on sriracha flavoured candy? If yes, then this episode of What’s In The Box will undoubtedly tickle your taste buds. 

This episode features myself opening a whole crate of Infinity War Mystery Minis in hope to find the rare Hulkbuster bobblehead and a out of control R2D2 that can’t help but launch himself off the table, all while releasing his bowels… That’s right, a farting flying R2D2 may be featured in this video. 

Funko Infinity War Mystery Minis

If you’re like me and have a soft spot for collectibles then these Mystery Minis from Funko will definitely need to be added to your already overpopulated collection of bobbleheads.  The adorable 2.5-inch vinyl figures are here to promote the upcoming Infinity War movie and features most of the main characters, including some new villians that have very similar attributes to White Walkers from Game of Thrones.

Funko kindly sent over a whole box of these little fellas and to our surprise we managed to pull some pretty rare characters, including a very detailed Spider Man in his new suite! But the question we all want answered is did we manage to find the legendary Hulkbuster in this episode? Find out in the video above.

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Sriracha Flavoured Cotton Candy

This one is for you daredevils out there. Now how do I explain this..? Imagine being teased with a delicious sweet on the tip of your tongue for it to be quickly ripped out of your mouth and then replaced with a flaming torch and a punch to the jugular. That’s exactly what these are. They look like blobs of chewing gum that you find under a table that has been dipped in sugared powder and then topped with revolting spice that makes you want to cough out a lung.

Leon Hurley our Senior Channel Editor returned from a trip with this bag of pain for me to try, because it's technically only available in the UK. for those of you in the USA who are interested in these you might be lucky enough to find some if you dare choose, Europe and others will need to get them imported. Just make sure you have water near you to wash it back with and probably a cloth for you to wipe away that never ending nosebleed that comes free with every packet.

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Sphero App Controlled R2D2

Just like our old friend Lightning McQueen from Episode 3 (opens in new tab), Sphero has sent over another one of their remote controlled friends for us to unbox, and this time it’s the one and only R2D2! Traditionally with Sphero you get the outstanding unboxing experience, a charging cable and a very in depth app for you to control your new best friend with. R2 is extremely detailed and looks like he’s just came straight out of the movie set. They’ve also added official sound bites that make him feel like he’s really with you!

The app lets allows you to control him with ease, recreate famous movie moments, and he can even speak to other R2D2 Spheros! So if you’re lucky enough to have more than one they can literally play with each other in their spare time! CUTENESS OVERLOAD DETECTED!

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Beoplay Hi8 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Immersion is an underrated attribute on headphones, and a pair that does this extremely well are these B&O Hi8 Wireless Headphones. The more I used them the more I fell in love. They use premium noise cancelling technology in each ear cup to help advance the immersion of audio when watching movies or listening to music. 

Crafted with premium materials such as aluminium and real leather the HI8’s puts itself at the top of the list when it comes to high end headphones, although they do sit on your ears and not around like most headphones at this price range. The noise cancelling technology still competes with other headphones in that market bracket which surround your ear. It comes with up to 30 hrs of battery life and a very rich, premium aesthetic to it. We just wish that B&O put some more time into it, giving it more features such as foldable hinges, extra padding in the head strap and a full aluminium build that we thought would already come with this high end price tag.

Buy It US: $485 from Beoplay (opens in new tab)
Buy It UK: £349 from Beoplay (opens in new tab)

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