Build your own Zelda arcade cabinet! Find out how in episode 4 of What's In The Box

Are you a Zelda fanatic? Played more hours of Breath of The Wild than you care to imagine? If yes, then this episode is for YOU. We’ve dedicated this week’s What’s In The Box to Zelda and the best games on Switch, so sit back and watch Nintendo’s latest console get pimped. 

If you’re new to this series then let me explain! Every week I showcase a handful of the most sought-after and downright outrageous bits of gaming, movie and TV merchandise on the web to help you decide whether or not it’s worth your hard-earn cash. Episode 4 features a light up Nintendo dock, a complete Zelda skin cover for your Switch, insane custom Joy-Cons and a freakin’ build your own arcade which houses your Nintendo Switch!

Light-up Nintendo Switch dock

If you’re like me and spend too much money on your Switch you’ll be happy to know that there’s a new dock accessory on the block, and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen. This is the Light Up Dock from PDP which can be fully customised as it uses interchangeable face plates, allowing you to swap from Zelda’s Sheikah Slate to a Super Mario Odyssey logo.

And that’s not all! You can also set different colour and pulse modes meaning you can have it set to a slow, progressive pulse or what I like to call the ‘90’s house party mode’ which switches through random colours at a seriously quick pace. The dock uses the spare USB port at the back of your dock for power.

Buy It US: $15.99 from Amazon
Buy It UK: £49.99 from Amazon

Zelda skin and screen protector

I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t stand my console looking like it just came out of the box. I have an uncontrollable habit for customising and pimping things, so this cheap and useful skin set from PDP will really make your Switch stand out from the crowd. It comes with joy-con skins, a backplate skin and an awesome screen protector for the front.

I advise using a credit card or some kind of squeegee for the installation process and just take your time with it. The sticker is decent quality so it can remain un-sticked for several minutes in the open while you line it all up. Once it’s done you’ll be glad to see that your new Switch will show off just how much you love Zelda Breath of the Wild. 

Buy It US: $12.00 from Amazon
Buy It UK: £14.92 from Amazon

Custom Zelda Joycons from Controller Chaos

My favourite item this week has to be these custom Zelda joy-cons made by the guys over at Controller Chaos. They’ve gone for a mysterious dark metallic green with gold detailing on the front. You can see the main logo has been enlarged over both joy cons, and then on the left one a small Zelda logo to give it that extra bit of detail.

They look great, feel great, and when teamed up with the Zelda Screen Protector it really adds a ‘stealth’ Zelda that you can’t help but love. I advise taking off the previous backplate skin when pairing it with these beauties as the colour combo most certainly clashes!

Buy It US: $159.99 from Controller Chaos
Buy It UK: £119.99 from Controller Chaos

Zelda Arcade dock

The Nintendo Switch’s kickstand is ok, I like that they’ve added it, but for me it just puts my console at a very awkward viewing angle. So this product is for those of us that need some extra height and a better angle when playing the switch on a table. This is the arcade dock, a build your own retro arcade that can hold your Switch in a undoubtedly cool way.

It comes with six different pieces and a lot of rubber bands, so you should have no problem creating this in about ten minutes. But I warn you… watch out for those rubber bands, they almost took out my eye, as you can see in the video above! This is the most affordable and most unique product of the week.

Buy It US: $34.99 from Extreme Consoles
Buy It UK: £24.99 from Extreme Consoles

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