Westworld season 2 brings back a familiar face, which could be bad news for humanity

Westworld season 2 isn’t coming back until 2018, but when it does, we’ll be seeing a lot more of one of the park’s hosts as the robot rebellion begins. Deadline reports that British actress Talulah Riley has been upped to a series regular for the second season, after appearing in only six of the first season’s ten episodes.

Riley plays a host called Angela, whose most sizable role is probably early in the series as the park greeter who helps Jimmi Simpson’s William saddle up for his first trip into the park. But since the show takes place throughout multiple time periods, Angela pops up two more times as well. In the earliest chronological section of the show, Angela is one of the potential hosts before Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) and Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) even open the park. Then we jump ahead a few years and see her helping Jimmi Simpson. And the last time we saw her, she revealed herself to be a servant of the mysterious villain Wyatt by killing Teddy Flood (James Marsden) and leaving the Man in Black (Ed Harris) to die.

So what does Riley’s promotion mean for season 2 of Westworld? It means Angela has a larger role to play as the show progresses, and unless she’s instantly decommissioned and the showrunners somehow still find a way for her to be relevant to the action, it also means that she’ll likely remain a follower of Wyatt. That’s bad news for humanity, since the evil Wyatt narrative was merged with Dolores’ (Evan Rachel Wood) narrative, and she kicked off the robot uprising in a bloody way by executing Dr. Ford in front of the Delos board and firing into the crowd. With Angela coming back for more, it looks like Dolores/Wyatt (this show is confusing, OK?) may have found a new right hand woman for the battle ahead.

Westworld returns to HBO sometime in 2018.

Image: HBO

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