We'll soon learn the answer to Kojima's recent teaser - even though fans think they cracked it weeks ago

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Hideo Kojima says he will soon reveal "WHO" it is in that teaser image he released last month at Tokyo Game Show, even though most fans have figured it out. 

In Kojima's exact words: "The answer to 'WHO' at TGS will be in the next 'WHERE.'" What we think this means is that Kojima is planning to soon reveal who it is in that teaser image that was presented at Tokyo Game Show last month. It would also be great if he'd give us some context behind the image too, but let's see where Kojima goes with this before we start making assumptions. We also don't know 'WHEN' is right now. 

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If you didn't know, last month Kojima shared an image of a silhouette of what looks like a woman with the words: "Who Am I?" covering the person's face. This image was also shared by Kojima's pal Geoff Keighley. Unfortunately for Kojima, who loves to be cryptic a lot of the time, it seems like the teaser was actually cracked shortly after it was posted. Many fans believe that the person in the photo is actually actor Elle Fanning due to the face shape of the person in the image matching hers. 

Although a very good match, it's also possible that this could be related to Kojima's previously rumored next game, Overdose. It hasn't been officially revealed yet, but back in June of this year, a leaker claimed that Kojima's next game is called Overdose and that it will star actor Margaret Qualley - who previously worked with the developer on Death Stranding. It's possible that the person in the teaser image could be Qualley, despite it looking a lot like Fanning in the image. 

It's also possible that both actors could be in the project, that this is a completely different project to the previously rumored Overdose, or that it's nothing to do with the two stars. Unfortunately for us, we'll just have to wait and see for "WHEN" Kojima is ready to reveal everything to us. We'd be surprised if it didn't at least get a mention during The Game Awards 2022 in December though, considering host Geoff Keighley seems to be in on it too. 

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