Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins review

Martin Lawrence is Jenkins, an insecure trash-TV host with a gold-digging fiancée (Joy Bryant) and enough fuck-off money to avoid family hassles entirely. But at the behest of his nerdy, soccer-playing son, he agrees to attend a family reunion in the Deep South. Awkward culture clashes and soppy life lessons ensue. Despite a leaden script, fuzzy direction and a leading man who aims for block-of-wood and completely nails it, Welcome Home is saved by a willing and able supporting cast, including a scene-pinching Michael Epps as Roscoe’s ne’er do well cousin, one-woman-army Mo’Nique as his shrieky sister and James Earl Jones as his grumpy, terrifying father. There’s no subtlety to the family-first message, but the sideline crazies make it worth trudging through the syrup.

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