Weekend Spent: Aug. 11-12

Alex Roth: This weekend I’ll be playing Hybrid, the new third-person shooter from 5th Cell. These are the guys that made Scribblenauts, so I look forward to seeing what a creative team like that can do with an Xbox Live shooter, especially since it’s based on the Source engine (full disclosure: I’m a Valve fanboy). I’m playing that one for review, but if I have enough time I’ll continue chipping away at Diablo III. I’m rather behind the curve with that one, my Demon Hunter is around level 35, but that game definitely has its cruel hooks in me.

Sterling McGarvey: I'm taking a break from gaming on Saturday afternoon for live sports, but otherwise, I'll be experiencing the melancholy bliss of Papo & Yo as I work on the review. Based on what I saw in previews, I'm looking forward to a rather unique take on storytelling and one man's very personal experiences manifested in gameplay. I'm a big fan of games that take narrative risks, so hopefully, this one delivers. But I can't lie: I'm really tempted to nick the free-floating Xbox 360 copy of Sleeping Dogs that just came in. But that would be irresponsible. Look for both reviews on Tuesday!

Tom Magrino: This weekend, I’m playing Build an Awning with My Father-in-Law. It’s like SimCity, but with more alcohol and despair. In the event that I don’t maim myself, I’ll be picking back up with The Witcher 2.

Lucas Sullivan: I've got a lot on my docket for the weekend - so much that I'll probably just give up and sleep the days away instead. I've still got to finish Mass Effect 3, pick up Hero Academy on the iPhone (at Cooper's behest), and put some time into my recent Steam purchases of eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate Black Package (weirdest game name ever?) and the awesome-looking adventure game Deponia. So many games, so little time.

Henry Gilbert: Having spent the last couple days battling an illness, I plan to mentally recharge in a way that's worked for me before: turn-based strategy. I’ll be breaking out Civ V and SMT: Devil Survivor 2, though at some point I’ll start up the story mode in Persona 4 Arena if I can. Mostly I need games that tax my reflexes as little as possible while my body learns to stop coughing.

Sophia Tong: Other than playing some Beyond Good & Evil HD to keep up with our GamesRadar Game Club, I’ll be spending some time with Darksiders II, in honor of our former EIC, Gary Steinman. To take a break, I’m going to be rolling around and making music in Sound Shapes.

Clint Demeritt: I’ll be playing a preview build of Legasista, a dungeon crawler by the same people who developed one of my all-time favorite games, Disgaea. Also I will be catching up on Beyond Good & Evil to keep up with everyone else.

Lorenzo Veloria: Other than my regular weekend stints of Battlefield 3, I’ll be digging in to the nooks and crannies of Darksiders II and wading through its legions of angels and demons as Death himself for our review coming up next week- which you’ll definitely want to read. And I’ll probably start working on playing through all those games I bought during last month’s Steam sale. Or not.

Hollander Cooper: For weeks - nay - months, I've been saying that I'd try and power through Gears of War 3, and I feel like this weekend might finally be the time to do it. I'm also working on my review of Sleeping Dogs, so I might put more time into that. Then again, I'm likely just going to spend the entire weekend playing Super Mario 64 on DS, because I've been watching people do speed runs and I've got the itch to play.

What about you? What are you playing this weekend?

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