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We answer YOUR Xbox One X questions - Kinect adapters, 4K Enhanced games, checkerboarding, noise and more

The Xbox One X launches November 7 and you lot have plenty of questions you want answered. From what Xbox One X games are enhanced, to which are checkerboarded, whether Kinect works and loads more. 

Read on to see what we've got and leave a comment if there's anything we haven't answered, or that you want to know. 

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Heres' a list of all the currently confirmed Xbox One X Enhanced games. There's currently over 100, with Microsoft promising around 70 Xbox One X enhanced games for launch. That will be reliant on developers patching in support individually where it's not an internally made MS game, so not everything that's out will get a brush up.

The same version will work. As far as Microsoft are concerned there's no difference between an Xbox One, One S or X game, it's just that the X can run it better if a patch is added. When you download a game or add the disk, it'll get a patch if it exists. You can look at the games in your library and and change the drop down in the top right to show 'Xbox One X Enhanced games' to filter only the stuff that's enhanced. 

It seems pretty quiet. Like 'is it on' quiet. There new heatsink tech in there to keep all that extra power cool, and that seem to have enabled the fans to run quieter. 

Yep. Just like with the Xbox One S you'll be able to stream 4K where you can get it. You'll have to pay extra with with Netflix (on top of a normal subscription), as it charges extra for ultra HD content. Amazon Prime is also releasing a 4K Xbox One app to coincide with launch of Xbox One X (for which you'll need a Prime subscription to access).

The Xbox family of consoles are all - output resolution aside - basically the same, and Microsoft have ensured USB hardware, like controllers, Xbox One external hard drive and so on, will work with everything. So most of what you currently use with your Xbox One or S will work will X. 

HOWEVER: pay attention to the next question if you use Kinect. 

Not this time. While there was a program in place for people switching from Xbox One to Xbox One S, that has now ended, meaning you'll have to buy your own Xbox One X Kinect adaptor if you want to keep using it. 

I can't say that every Xbox One X game will run true 4K but most are claiming to, or at least stating '4K' and nothing else in the bullet points. It's been the big push for the console so you'd hope the games listing it as a features really will hit the full 3840 X 2160 pixels resolution. That said, Assassin's Creed Origins - arguably the first big release for the console is running checkerboard 4K as an enhanced game. Some games, like Gears of War 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider also let you chose between 4K output with a lower frame rate, or 60fps or higher at the expense of resolution/textures. 

Nothing. Project Scorpio was Microsoft's internal code name for the Xbox One X when it was announced and the 'Scorpio edition' is just a special edition of the Xbox One X to honour that. Bar the name and some cosmetic differences like colour, they're exactly the same console. 

It's basically a measure of computing power, more specifically: a trillion floating operations per second. That's basically how many calculations it can do. The higher the number the more it can do - render trees, run enemies, draw further distances and so on. For references the PS4 Pro runs about 4 teraflops, and the Xbox One S manages 1.4 against the Xbox One X's 6. 

Don't expect to hear anything this year. Or next, by the sounds of things. 343 Industries Bonnie Ross has stated there will be no Halo 6 news "for a while".  

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