Watchmen cast confirmed!

All right, so it's nothing Watchmen geeks haven't heard before, but the fact that Warner Brothers have bothered to confirm the names fans have been bandying about for the past couple of months is cause for celebration in itself - it means that after 20 years of false starts this thing is actually going get made! And when it does, it'll star...

Patrick Wilson as the Nite-Owl (and we're hoping the WB suits don't decide to change his, frankly ridiculous, costume - it's part of his character, innit?)

Matthew Goode as Ozymandias (super-intelligent Alexander The Great fan)

Malin Akerman as The Silk Spectre (the planet's first feminist superheroine)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian (essentially The Punisher, but with a nastier backstory)

Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach (try not to look at too many pictures of him, or you'll spoil one of the book's best twists)

And... Billy Crudup as Dr Manhattan (buff, nude, blue)

So, Zack Snyder never did get Tom Cruise for Ozymandias, but Snyder's already proved he can work miracles with casts of relative unknowns. Could this be the first Alan Moore creation to work on film? Will he put his name to it? Find out all this and more in 2008!

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