Watch this streamer win a match of Fall Guys using his homemade jelly bean controller

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys (opens in new tab) is still in beta, but someone has already won a match in Mediatonic's slapstick battle royale using a controller made of jelly beans.

The impressive device was built by streamer Rudeism (opens in new tab), who stuck a bunch of wires up to various jelly beans connected to a Makey Makey, which allows users to turn everyday objects into simple input/output gamepads. 

You can check out the full video from Rudeism below if you're interested in making one for yourself:

Rudeism actually goes on to win a match using the homemade jelly bean controller, even though he spends the first few precious seconds of the round AFK after realising the device isn't connected with tape. 

The official Fall Guys team have already offered their blessing for the jelly bean pad via Twitter (opens in new tab), confirming that "you can only say you have completed Fall Guys if you score a dub using a controller made of Jelly Beans." It's also not the first time Rudeism has developed a distinctive controller, he also created a Goose controller (opens in new tab) to play Untitled Goose Game. 

Fall Guys is set to launch tomorrow on PC and PS4 (releasing as part of this month's free PS Plus games (opens in new tab)), and the Takeshi's Castle homage has already been kicking up a storm in its PC beta testing, suggesting another battle royale hit is here for the summer.

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