Twitch streamer creates honking ridiculous full-body goose controller to play Untitled Goose Game

(Image credit: Rudeism)

Twitch streamer Rudeism has created a full body goose controller that allows him to fully immerse himself in Untitled Goose Game. 

Taking to Twitch to show off his fully functional goose controller, his get-up included a set of gloves that he could use for flapping, a thumbstick so he could aim in a direction to move in, flippers for waddling around in, and a beak that has a microphone underneath which controlled the honking. It was all topped off with a white sheet he wrapped around himself to complete the ensemble. 

The New Zealand-based streamer didn’t waste any time causing havoc dressed up as the goose, tackling the game’s opening area, managing to tick off tasks like ‘Rake In The Lake’, ‘Have A Picnic’, and ‘Make The Groundskeeper Hammer His Thumb’, before a faulty wire curtailed his stream. 

Explaining why he decided to create this honking controller (outside of the obvious reason that’s very funny to dress up as a goose), Rudeism said during the stream: “My girlfriend Ellie thought it might be a good idea to build a controller for this game, she suggested I dress up like a goose. So I rolled with it, I used my know how, and here we are.” 

Rudeism has form with creating one-of-a-kind controllers, having crafted a controller out of bananas to play Overwatch and playing PUBG on a frying pan. Speaking to Edge in their Pushing Buttons feature, he explained why he likes crafting these unique controllers: “I find tinkering away to be a really relaxing kind of fun. I know what I need to do, there’s no rush to do it, and if I’m streaming my build, it’s an opportunity to have a good conversation with my [Twitch] chat”. 

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the first livestream, as he’s promised he’ll be back again to continue terrorising the villagers of Untitled Goose Game. We can’t wait to see where his Goose controller will take him next.  

You don’t need a Goose controller to get past some of Untitled Goose Game’s tricky parts, just check out our Untitled Goose Game walkthrough here.

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