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Watch PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's opening cinematic

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has gone gold, and Sony's released the game's opening cinematic in celebration. The stylized, wispy video depicts a series of clashes between the brawler's cast of Sony favorites and guests, and even reveals its final boss dusted off from the annals of PlayStation history, according to the PlayStation Blog.

We particularly enjoyed Sackboy getting scooped up by a Little Sister teddy-bear style (though evidently her Big Daddy wasn't so fond of the adorable moment). After plenty of inter-franchise clashes--and Nathan Drake and Colonel Radec failing to actually hit anybody with their high-powered firearms--the angular visage of Polygon Man descends like an occult Master Hand upon the scene. That's right, the same Polygon Man from the first PlayStation's early promotional materials is All-Star's big baddy.

The mash-up-smash-em-up will release on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on November 20 with Cross-Buy, meaning PS3 purchasers get access to the Vita version free of charge.

Connor Sheridan
Connor Sheridan

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