Watch new Prometheus trailer and viral video online now

Prometheus has had a big day.

First, we were treated to a live Q&A with Prometheus director Sir Ridley Scott and writer Damon Lindelof.

With Scott and Lindelof in fairly relaxed form - only once did Ridley worry about being "shot by Fox" for revealing possible spoilers - the Q&A was an enjoyable watch.

Our favourite bit? The question on evolution, which led Lindelof to seemingly elucidate on the "Alien DNA" quote.

Lindelof described Prometheus ' extra-terrestrial threat as the "hunched-over monkey" to Alien 's "humanoid progression" - which suggests to us they're fairly closely connected, in the evolutionary sense at least.

Then, we got a neat viral video, voiced by Michael Fassbender, which is the 2083 equivalent to an iPad ad, and is more fun the less you know about it.

And then, the big one. The full trailer, in HD, which is so breath-taking, so preposterously exciting, we're going to let it speak for itself.

WARNING: It's so awesome it may well make your heart burst out of your chest.

June can't get here fast enough.

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