Watch Gangs of London on PSP

We've uncovered a trailer for Gangs of London, Sony's brutal Getaway-esque action game due for PSP release in November. And boy is it violent.

The game allows you to take control of one of five different gangs vying for control of Britain's capital. The action takes you through 60 missions of driving and bloody combat, with a tactical element that enables you to switch between gang members on the fly.

There are five game modes - Gang Battle, Free Roaming, London Pub Games, Game Sharing and story mode, which is presented with stylish graphic novel-style cutscenes that are reminiscent of Max Payne.

The mayhem might be a bit too violent for anyone of a sensitive disposition, but if you're up to it, just click on the Movies tab above to check it out for yourself.

July 27, 2006