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Watch Dogs Legion trailer details what's coming in first major post-launch update

There's a new trailer for the first major post-launch update for Watch Dogs Legion, and it's jam-packed with features coming to the game tomorrow, May 4.

Title Watch Dogs Legion Update 1 includes both free and paid Season Pass content. First up is a brand new playable hero named Mina Sindhu, available to all Watch Dogs Legion players who own the Season Pass. From the trailer, it certainly seems like Mina Sindhu has supernatural powers, as she uses mind control powers to take hold of enemies and have them do her bidding. Mina will be available in single player and online modes. 

Season Pass owners will also get access to the third entry in the DeadSec missions, called 'Swipe Right.' You'll be tasked with infiltrating a smuggling ring to get intel on an ancient artifact (Assassin's Creed Easter egg, anyone?). 

Watch Dogs Legion Update 1 will add three additional co-op missions you can play with up to three other players, five new assignments, and two new gadgets available for operators. Two new character professions will be available in single player and multiplayer movies: first responders and DJs. first responders can deploy an AR shield that protects them or other players, while DJs can buff teammates and disrupt enemies around them with soundwaves.  

Watch Dogs Legion is also adding one of the more requested features: more customization options, including hair and body art options. Watch Dogs Legion Update 1 goes live tomorrow, May 4.

A Watch Dogs Legion 60FPS update is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

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