Watch Dogs Legion shows impressive ray tracing in PS5 and Xbox Series X comparison

Watch Dogs Legion
(Image credit: Ubisoft / Nvidia)

There's a brand new in-depth video analysis of Watch Dogs Legion's performance on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, courtesy of Digital Foundry.

The full, detailed breakdown from Digital Foundry can be seen just below. The comparison video details the performance, graphical fidelity, and ray-tracing capabilities of Watch Dogs Legion on all three platforms, showing how each one stacks up against the other.

The Xbox Series X and PS5 versions of Watch Dogs Legion utilize their ray tracing capabilities for shadows throughout the game. Both platforms look pretty stunning, and you might remember that another video from Digital Foundry earlier this week showed how another game, Black Ops Cold War, uses ray tracing for impressive shadows instead of reflections as with Ubisoft's game.

Between Xbox Series X and PS5, it's honestly tough to notice any significant differences, with the Digital Foundry breakdown revealing that both systems load the same quality textures, for example. With the Xbox Series S though, you'll notice more of a pronounced difference, with ray tracing reflections loaded at a lower graphical resolution.

Just yesterday, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs Legion's upcoming multiplayer mode has been delayed. The game's online component was originally slated to launch in early December, but has now been pushed back to some point in 2021, while Ubisoft works to fix various bugs with the game.

If you've seen all there is to offer from Watch Dogs Legion's main story, check out our Watch Dogs Legion Finding Bagley photo locations guide for a walkthrough of the endgame mission. 

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