Watch Dogs Legion trailer shows how you'll build your oddball squad of random citizens

Watch Dogs Legion has a new trailer for Gamescom 2019, and it reveals more about how you'll recruit the citizens of London to stage a resistance against an authoritarian government. That includes one mad lad who takes half damage as long as he's gone drinking recently and an old man who is an expert rifleman but has a small chance to fall over dead at any point. Watch Dogs 3 has permadeath for all of your playable characters, so you may be going through a lot of them.

Any resident of London is eligible for recruitment, assuming you can complete their 'origin story' mission. After your bring them aboard, you'll be able to assign them a class that complements their built-in stats (or one that totally goes against their stats if you prefer to live your life in hard mode), control them in the open world and in missions, and level them up to unlock new skills.

Permadeath is always a looming threat, but if things get too desperate and you really don't want to lose an agent, you can let them surrender to the authorities. They'll be apprehended and leave your control, but you have a chance of springing them out of prison thanks to the efforts of a sympathetic lawyer - can't do that if they die in a hailstorm of fascist bullets.

Watch Dogs Legion is still set to hit PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia on March 6, 2020. Once it arrives, you better believe I'm going to start hunting for the perfect grandpa and grandma duo to liberate London.

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