Watch Dogs Chess Puzzle solutions

So you're clicking through all of the upgrades you can unlock in Watch Dogs and you see that the highest level of Combat Focus is, for some reason, locked behind Chess Puzzles. Chess Puzzles? Seriously? You're here to play video games, not chess! But fear not--if you know the solutions, you can cruise through all ten of the End-Game Chess Puzzles found in southeast The Loop in just a couple of minutes to unlock that new Combat Skill. And, since we're GamesRadar, we have those solutions right here.

Puzzle 1: Move the Rook (top left) down next to the opponent’s King.

Puzzle 2: Move the Bishop (middle right) to the top left, diagonal to the opponent’s King.

Puzzle 3: Move the Queen (top middle) to the right, taking the Pawn right under the opponent’s King.

Puzzle 4: Move the Queen (top middle) diagonally down-right one. Then take the opponent’s Pawn with your Knight.

Puzzle 5: Move the Queen up three, down and to the left of the opponent’s King. Then move your Knight up and to the right.

Puzzle 6: Move the Queen diagonally up and to the right to the second to last spot, two to the left of the opponent’s King. Then move it one spot to the right.

Puzzle 7: Move the left Rook up one. Then move the right Rook all the way to the left.

Puzzle 8: Move the Queen to the top right. Then move the Queen to take the opponent’s Pawn above it, to the left.

Puzzle 9: Move the Queen two spaces to the left. Then move it up to take the opponent’s Queen.

Puzzle 10: Move the Queen down and to the left two spaces. Then move it one to the left, taking the opponent’s Bishop.

Once you've finished them all, back out of the menu and... you're done playing chess! Well, until your grandfather asks you to, and you get guilted into playing it again. But for now, back into Chicago!

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