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Watch Dogs 2 only has SIX different editions and one of them comes with your very own robot friend

After a week of a million* leaks, Watch Dogs 2 has finally been officially unveiled and we're taking a trip to San Francisco with new masked hacking hero Marcus Holloway.  Armed with a billiard ball on a stretchy string - because ouch - Holloway is a cheerier sort than the glum coat physics model Aiden Pierce and has all kinds of new abilities. He also comes in no fewer than six different editions of the game, one of which, the Wrench Junior Robot Collector's Pack, comes with an actual robot.

*not a million. Three.

Yep, Wrench Jr comes with 360 degree movement, 17 pre-recorded sentences, can be controlled with an app on your phone and has 10 emotions. I wonder if one of those emotions covers the feeling of having to choose a version of the game. Check out the diagram below to see the contents of the standard, Deluxe, Gold, San Francisco, Wrench JR and The Return Of Dedsec Collector's Case. 

The Gold, Wrench JR and Collector's Case all come with the season pass, while if you go for the San Francisco edition, you get a model of Holloway, Ded Sec laptop stickers and a map of San Francisco. The editions are priced below but keep in mind that the robot edition is an exclusive from the Ubi Store.  

Preordering will also net you an extra mission about the Zodiac Killer which means Ubi is potentially solving the case of the mysterious San Francisco murderer. Happy shopping. 

  • Standard edition - £39.99
  • Deluxe edition - £39.99
  • Gold edition - £64.99
  • San Francisco edition - £79.99
  • Wrench Jr Robot Collector's Pack - £114.99
  • The Return of Dedsec Collector's Case - £114.99

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Louise Blain

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