Watch a full match of Battlefield 5 Firestorm's battle royale in action, complete with tractors, tanks, and more

Battlefield 5's battle royale mode, Firestorm, drops as a free mode for all owners of the base game on Monday, March 25, but DICE has refrained from showing little of the experience aside from a delightful cinematic trailer. Thankfully, new footage has dropped onto your radar like a tightly coordinated Apex Legends squad, and we've got all the information and details you need before you jump into Firestorm yourself next week. 

Above, you can hear all about our thoughts on Firestorm after some extended hands on gameplay with the mode, which includes raw gameplay footage of the time we had in Battlefield 5's bespoke version of battle royale. Spoilers: we think it's pretty good, but check out the video to see if it's WW2-themed fight to the death will scratch your battle royale itch. 

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The TLDR is that Battlefield 5 Firestorm's map is absolutely huge, and littered with land, sea, and air vehicles, including giant, multi-manned tanks that need to be set free from underground vaults (where you'll also find randomly generated safes full of promising loot). 

Firestorm's closing circle is a ring of unceasing fire, and anyone caught in it will suddenly find their screen obscured by the flames and their life bar slowly depleting for every second spent encased within its grasp. The arsenal of weapons available in Firestorm will also be familiar to anyone who's played Battlefield 5 since its launch in November last year, but the firearms are now set to rarity tiers with their own graded stats, like those you might find in Fortnite

All in all, Firestorm looks strong enough to finally bring Battlefield 5 out of its hole of mediocrity, but it's got an uphill battle ahead in bringing new players to DICE's multiplayer shooter against the rest of the competition. Not long now until you'll be able to jump into the mode and find out if it's worth sticking around for...

For more, check out the best games like PUBG to play while you wait for Battlefield 5 Firestorm to drop, or watch a full match of the battle royale mode in the video below. 

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