Warzone Famas shotgun attachment getting a fix after players discover how powerful it is

(Image credit: Activision)

The Famas shotgun attachment is getting a fix, Call of Duty Warzone developer Infinity Ward has confirmed, after players discovered you could do obscene amounts of damage over a vast distance since the game's new update.

The studio confirmed that it's identified the issue in a tweet posted on August 17. A fix for it will arrive soon, but the studio didn't specify exactly when. It certainly can't come soon enough. Warzone has seen some busted weapons before, but nothing like this. 

This video from YouTuber TheXclusiveAce offers a useful breakdown of what's gone wrong. Simply put, the shotgun attachment on the FR 5.56 is out-ranging every other shotgun in the game. It's capable of one-shotting fully armored opponents at over 15 meters. If you get a lucky pellet spread, its range appears to be functionally infinite, with some players reporting one-hit kills from 20 or even 25 meters. 

One popular (and quite plausible) theory is that the recent range buff to the FR 5.56 itself was accidentally applied to its shotgun attachment as well. This would explain its absurd range, and it would also explain why this thing just popped up out of nowhere. The FR 5.56 was never hugely popular before – which, along with the fact that the shotgun can only be refilled through an ammo box, has helped minimize the impact of this particular issue – but it's certainly seeing plenty of use now. Can you imagine if this kind of busted attachment was available on Warzone M4 builds? Warzone would look like a game of multiplayer Bulletstorm. 

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