Warzone 2 revives Plunder after 9 months, accidentally gives players ridiculous K/D ratios

After a nine-month hiatus, Plunder has returned to Warzone, which has only gone and become Warzone 2 since we last saw this game mode, and it's brought an amusing new bug with it.

As developer Raven Software flagged earlier today, a new issue is currently causing Plunder stats to be applied to normal battle royale stats. In other words, as the studio put it, "some of you are about to have a VERY sus K/D."

For the unfamiliar, Plunder is sort of like a more relaxed battle royale where, instead of being the last one standing, the goal is to be the first team to earn a million bucks. Killing and looting other players is a good way to rack up money between slightly more honest business ventures, especially since you can respawn infinitely in Plunder. Naturally, this leads to a lot more kills per match than what you'd see in Warzone 2's permadeath-lite battle royale mode, hence the "VERY sus" K/D ratios making the rounds. I don't have any exact figures, but I'd estimate hardcore K/D farmers could probably quintuple their haul by playing Plunder. 

Stat-inflating bugs aside, Plunder's return has been met with a mostly positive reception (and I'm sure those aforementioned farmers aren't mad about the bug), at least if the replies to the mode's return trailers are any indication. Plunder hasn't been around in a long time, so players seem to be genuinely excited for it or just neutral on it, which is a pretty solid turnout for any live service update. Of course, some Warzone 2 fans would rather have seen other modes added to the game, with quite a few calls for duo battle royale in particular, but another game mode can't hurt. 

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Austin Wood

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