Warzone 2 players slam DMZ’s new “pay-to-win” bundles

Warzone 2
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Warzone 2's DMZ mode has new paid bundles offering in-game benefits, and players want to send them right back. 

As part of Warzone 2's grandiose Season 3 update, the DMZ mode has a new feature called Active Duty Operator Slots. That means the Individual Operators you use go on "active duty" when in action, though only one Active Duty slot can be equipped at a time despite the fact you start with three. 

As it turns out, you can get a fourth slot if you buy one of the new premium bundles, gaining some solid Perks in the process. You could start a game with a UAV or Self-Revive kit, depending on which paid skin you fancy. Other items are up for grabs, too, like two-plate armour and a medium-sized backpack. 

The new bundles haven't gone down well in the community, with plenty calling the bundles "pay-to-win" on Reddit and Twitter.

"I don't care about the armour, but UAV is too much," one player says. "Because armour is easy to get, imagine three people with this skin hunting down spawn with 3 UAVs. Nah, that's not cool."

Another adds, "Well, boys. It was fun while it lasted. Activision basically surpasses EA now with shameless money grabbing. P2W makes this game even more meaningless."

The reaction to the new bundles taps into a larger frustration with Warzone 2, with plenty unsatisfied with how the sequel has panned out. Hopes were high that Season 3 would begin to steady the ship, though frustrations over gameplay remain.

"It's so baffling to me how much they botched Warzone 2," one fan says. "The game was the easiest sequel in the history of sequels and they botched it to the point of no return."

Recently, developer Treyarch admitted Call of Duty's anti-cheat progress "may not be enough for players."

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