Warners actively developing Aquaman

Warner Bros has finally started to open up about its plans for using the DC Comics characters it owns - including shoving heroes like Aquaman into more active development.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has admitted that it's pushing a plan to compete with Marvel's success, while trying to build on its own triumph with The Dark Knight.

Among its ideas? Putting films based on Aquaman - heretofore limited to a some 'toon appearances, a failed TV pilot and a fake version on Entourage - and the lesser-known Adam Strange into the writing stage.

Aquaman, of course, is one of the more derided members of the Justice League, known for communicating with sea creatures and the ability to live under water.

But with Leonardo DiCaprio's production company involved, a new film is slowly taking shape.

Strange, meanwhile, feels like a John Carter Of Mars-type hero, with the tale of a man transported to another planet to fight evil.

A big part of their strategy is hiring top DC writers like Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman to take back control of characters like The Flash and Teen Titans from outside producers and start overhauling their scripts.

And it has also forged a stronger partnership with DC, as the comics company's film-based executive Gregory Noveck explains: "The creative process is by and large a true partnership.

"They'll ask us a ton of questions, and we'll give a ton of answers. We will talk back and forth. We'll discuss writers and talent, but ultimately it's their decision."

With Green Lantern now up and running, there are plenty of other films to turn their attention to, including a Bizarro Superman tale being penned by the writers of Galaxy Quest, Constantine II and a couple of Green Arrow films, including prison-set thriller Supermax.

Just don't expect to see all the heroes rushing back right away. Superman, for example, is still sitting in limbo after the critical and commercial response to Superman Returns.

Oh, and the Justice League? On hold for now, while Warners pursues as plan to mimic Marvel's ideas and establish the separate heroes in their own franchises before they try the combo deal.

Sounds like they might be on the right track, assuming they find the right people to make the movies.

And, no, that doesn't necessarily mean inventing cloning so they can make more Chris Nolans...

[Source: THR ]

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