Warner sets 2017 release date for The LEGO Movie sequel

With The LEGO Movie continuing to perform strongly at the US box office, Warner Bros. has moved swiftly to confirm an official release date for the forthcoming sequel.

The second film will open in the US on 26 May 2017, a plum spot in the releasing schedules, falling as it does on Memorial Day weekend.

Having hit US screens just three weeks ago, the first film has already raced to $183 million at the domestic box office, numbers that have confirmed the sequel as an inevitability.

Warner has yet to confirm whether the sequel will take the form of a direct follow-up to the first film, or if it will be the recently discussed Ninjago adaptation , with more details expected in the coming weeks.

Whether or not Phil Lord and Chris Miller will return remains to be seen, although producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee have already signed up for round two, and will be hoping to persuade the co-directors to join them.

George Wales

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