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Warhawk leaves the cockpit

While there might be a pretty much nonexistent PS3 presence at this year's Leipzig Game Convention, the cozy Sony sanctum does have a few game trailers running on HDTVs for attendees' viewing pleasure. The most interesting - and previously unseen - snippetis some Warhawk footage that shows a section of on-foot action.

While Warhawk's developers gushed at E3 (where the game used to demonstrate the tilt magic of the rumble-less PS3 controllers) about how you'd be able to go anywhere and do anything in the game, only the aerial combat had been seen so far. However, our latest clip shows the lantern-jawed pilot hopping out of the cockpit for a street-based skirmish, complete with guns, rocket launchers, tanks, destructible buildings and seemingly overwhelming numbers of enemies.

Click the Movies tab above to view the other, altogether more ground-based face of combat that Warhawk will have to offer.

August 24, 2006