Wanted release pushed back

Timur Bekmambetov's much-anticipated comic-book adap Wanted will have to be anticipated for a little longer, after Universal Pictures announced it's being pushed back from March to June.

But the delays aren't down to reshoots - they're because Universal, having sat down to watch the finished edit, are confident that the supervillain tale is good enough to take on Pixar's cute-fest Wall-E and The Cruiser's Nazi picture (Valkyrie).

Nikki Rocco, Universal Pictures' President of Distribution, said: "After an early look at Wanted, we are certain that it fulfills its promise as a stunning, committed, thrilling, eye-popping vision that introduces a bold new narrative. We believe it can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the event titles of the summer and will give audiences a chance to discover a fresh new alternative. We are excited to date the film on June 27."

Us too, Nikki, us too.