WandaVision has one minor detail that secretly hinted at its villains in every episode

WandaVision episode 8
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WandaVision finally revealed its big bad to have been Agatha All Along in episode 7, but it turns out the writing was on the wall since her very first appearance.

A Twitter user spotted that Agnes the Nosy Neighbor, AKA Agatha Harkness, has been sporting a particular brooch since episode 1. No matter the decade, or the fashion style, the distinctive accessory can be seen on Agnes' person at some point in each episode. The only exception seems to be in episode 6, when Agnes is dressed as a witch – a pretty strong hint at her identity anyway.

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Comic book fans might recognize the brooch as being very similar to one Agatha Harkness wears in the pages of the source material, meaning Agnes' true identity has been on display since we first met her back in WandaVision's premiere.

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Similarly, Pietro, the alternate version of Quicksilver, has been wearing a necklace in every episode. In fact, the speedster even wore the accessory with his Halloween costume.

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While this might just be a fashion choice that Pietro is sticking with, it does seem strange that it has survived every decade-hop. Considering we know that the Hex changes someone's clothing when they pass through the barrier to fit Westview's current style, and that each decade has brought new outfits for the cast, that Pietro's necklace never changes certainly seems an important detail. Since we now know that Agatha was behind Pietro rocking up at the Vision household's doorstep, could the necklace be a marker of Agatha's magic, or just another subtle sign that Pietro isn't all that he seems?

WandaVision wraps up this Friday with episode 9, which is reportedly set to be the longest installment yet. Until then, check out our WandaVision release schedule to find out exactly when the last episode drops, and discover the best Disney Plus deals.

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