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WandaVision episode 6 had a mini Black Widow and Nick Fury Easter egg

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WandaVision episode 6 included a minor Black Widow and Nick Fury Easter egg that you may have missed. 

The episode takes place on Halloween and sees Wanda going trick or treating with her children and... spoiler warning! Beyond this point, we're going into major WandaVision spoilers. Turn back now!


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Still here? Well, then you know Wanda goes off trick or treating with her brother Pietro Maximoff – not the Pietro from the MCU, though, but the one from the X-Men movies. Confused? We all are, that's part of the fun!

There's more to uncover in the episode. In a flashback scene, Wanda and Pietro can be seen in Halloween costumes. And what do that twins dress as? Black Widow and Nick Fury, of course.

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A few things to note. First off, Wanda's Black Widow has antennae coming from her head. Is this some sort of Black Widow/Mantis crossover? The braid is straight from Widow's look in Avengers: Endgame. 

That brings us to our second point: this doesn't really work with the timeline. The Avengers were formed when Wanda and her brother were older. This, however, can be explained away by the fact this is a quirky flashback that is probably not an accurate depiction of what happened in Sokovia. Oh, and Wanda comments immediately after: "That's not exactly how I remember it."

So, it appears this is merely a fun nod to Wanda's fellow Avengers, who have all been notably absent from the show. While Black Widow was never going to make an appearance (she's dead), there's a chance Nick Fury still could, as he's seemingly working with SWORD, as revealed in the Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits.

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