Nathan Drake says Star Wars is getting an Uncharted makeover

UPDATE: The Last Of Us 2 confirmed as well (probably) by Nolan North.

Star Wars: Battlefront did a lot to assuage Force adepts’ fears that the sci-fi franchise wasn’t in good hands during E3 2015. Those hungry for more story-centric Star Wars fare, though, have been waiting for another EA-backed title: the still unnamed game from Dead Space studio Visceral Games directed by Uncharted co-creator Amy Hennig. While most of the game is still a mystery, Uncharted star Nolan North has confirmed that Hennig’s Star Wars will be familiar to fans of her past work.

“If you're a big fan of Amy Hennig and her style of story, she's gone to EA and is going to reboot a brand new Star Wars franchise in the style of Uncharted," North told a panel audience at Metrocon, via Gamespot. "I happen to know a lot about it and it's going to be awesome.”

Uncharted already bears a resemblance to some of George Lucas’ best work thanks to its mix of cocksure leads, choreographed action sequences, and a balance between humor and heroics. That blend helped make both Indiana Jones and Star Wars the memorable movies they are. North also implies in that description, though, that Visceral’s Star Wars game will involve a healthy amount of gunplay and platforming.

While that sounds similar to Star Wars 1313, LucasArts’ cancelled current gen game, North says Hennig’s game is “ different" but "along the same lines."

Visceral’s Star Wars may also embrace Uncharted’s penchant for lovable thieves. Recent pictures from inside the studio show off a snappy pirate banner with plenty of crossbones but a Stormtrooper’s helmet instead of a skull.

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