Vin Diesel reveals new Riddick image

Vin Diesel has released a new Riddick image via his official Facebook page, featuring the titular anti-hero in all his brutal glory.

The new image shows a pumped-up Diesel striding through the driving rain with only a makeshift spear for company. Unless there’s something with him out of shot…

The new film finds Riddick left for dead on a seemingly barren planet. However, it isn’t long before our hero realises he’s not alone, and that something alien is stalking him.

Forced to trigger a distress flare, Riddick soon finds himself in another set of crosshairs as a crew of rival mercenaries get wind of his location and head towards the planet in order to capture him for themselves.

Directed by David Twohy and co-starring Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff and Jordi Molla, Riddick will open in the US on 6 September 2013.

George Wales

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