Viewtiful Joe's career widens

According to the Hollywood Reporter, US anime specialist Geneon Entertainment have acquired exclusive North American merchandising and TV rights to TV Tokyo Medianet's Viewtiful Joe series.

Reports indicate Geneon plans to produce all manner of Joe-branded merchandise, with toys, electronic games, action figures and perhaps even lunch boxes all set to accompany intended US TV broadcasting plans.

Geneon CEO Yosuke Kobayashi has reportedly confirmed he is in talks with major US children's TV networks to get the Japanese cartoon aired, with a DVD also planned.

While the Viewtiful Joe games - released primarily on Gamecube and then subsequently PS2 - haven't seen massive sales, it is believed the quirky nature of the cartoon will appeal to young US audiences, giving a rise to the sales of future game releases in the process.

Viewtiful Joe 2 is due for release on Gamecube and PS2 on 1 April