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Video: 43 robo-rad '80s movie nods in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

If there’s ever been a better idea for downloadable content than “violent disco of Reagan-era film references featuring dragons that fire lasers” then we have no idea what it might be. But luckily we don’t have to because we’re too busy playing the idea already, in the shape of standalone neon circus Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Want to read our review? It's right here.

The game stars Michael Biehn from Aliens and The Terminator growling his way through a hyperbolic script and blowing cyborgs to pieces. The video below – from our friends at PlayStation Access – is a painstaking trawl through the whole game (including plenty of spoilers) pointing out a whole ton of references and easter eggs to macho sci-fi apocalypses and, uh, Pixar’s Up.