Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 3)

"My favorite monster has got to be the Necromancer's Abomination with all the little skeletal bits and pieces stuck on," crowed Rick... and we were quick to agree. Pictured above, the Abomination is the most captivating monster pet we've ever seen (with the possible exception being Squirtle of Pokemon fame). This not-quite-living servant of the Necromancer class can be summoned to aid the player during battle. On top of just looking rad, the Abomination can be upgraded so that it is a more potent monster-slayer. The best thing about this is the process through which this monstrosity is upgraded: occasionally, critters you kill out in the world will drop their bits and pieces, enabling you to add sharpened tusks or heavy hunks of bone as both weaponry and armor to your disgusting thrall.