Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 3)

Our journeys through Telon did not stop with the brief introduction to low-level content, as much as we were enjoying our tour. The President and Executive Producer Jeff Butler himself ensconced us in his office to give us an idea of what was to come in later levels of play. "There are so many assets in the game, it would be impossible to see them all," he said proudly. We can't tell you about most of what he showed us in that tantalizing glimpse into the forbidden still-under-development server, but we can tell you that it staggered even our World of Warcraft-weary hearts. (Just to drive you nuts, here's an out-of-context quote from Jeff Butlerthat won'tbreak our non-disclosure agreement: "This room is larger than Stormwind.")

One of the things we can tell you (and show you too) is that you'll face monsters from every direction, like the giant, flying drake pictured above. Every part of the world of Telon has been set up so that monsters can occupy every inch. Game developers call this "pathing," and it means that any place you can see, you can go... and so can the blood-thirsty creatures that mean to make a meal of you. In the depths of dank dungeons, huge spiders will stalk you along the ceilings and walls, just waiting to puncture your flimsy armor with poisonous fangs of death.