Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 3)

From what we saw during our time down at Sigil's offices, the world of Telon is in the process of being populated by both familiar and fantastic creatures. On the dusty plains of Lomshir, we came across a number of beasts you'd expect to find in the wilds of Africa like lions, hyenas... and giant horseflies (do they have two-foot long horseflies in Africa?).

Still, these beautifully rendered animals are not the only inhabitants of that sun-dried land. Giant, carnivorous worms with huge, hook-like mandibles hid in the crooks of apple trees, just waiting to drop on unsuspecting adventurers in search of the sweet fruits. Venturing close to the shore, we discovered some interesting shells littering the beach - we nearly lost a finger when one revealed itself to be a tentacled, man-eating clam that skittered along the sand after us as we ran.

Our mad dash unfortunately led us further down the beach, where we discovered even more frightening baddies. As we approached the busted hulk of an old, shipwrecked galleon, we stumbled across a disturbing crew of shambling undead. At that point, our guide, Technical Game Master Paul Luna, stopped us saying only, "ooh... I don't know if we're tough enough to handle those guys yet." More cowardly running quickly ensued.