Valve ready to launch Episode One

Half-Life 2: Episode One(MOV, 4.62MB)

Thursday 25 May 2006
Valve's first move into episodic gaming is on its way as Half-Life 2: Episode One is prepared for download from Steam for 1 June.

Half Life 2: Episode One takes up the action where Half-Life 2 left off with Gordon Freeman facing the music and the Combine on the streets of City 17. But he's not on his own as Alyx and her robot, Dog, will be around to help.

Episode One, is the first of three new episodes that Valve will be releasing, with the last one due for release before Christmas next year.

Valve sees episodic gaming as the best way of providing Half-Life fans with more action more often, rather than having to wait another six years for a fully blown sequel.

This first episode will feature four-to-six hours of gameplay and two multiplayer games, and will available in stores the day after the Steam download goes live, on 2 June.