Valve launches the Steam Wallet

Here’s a novel idea: you have a product we want. We give you money, you give us product. End of transaction. But that’s not good enough for the money wizards in the games industry, oh no. We’ve got Microsoft Points, Bioware points and now the Steam Wallet.

Above: We won’t be playing Episode 3 any time soon… but we can pay for it now

The system is simple enough to understand: rather than buying or pre-ordering a product when it becomes available, the user simply puts money into his ‘Steam Wallet’ to use against a product now or at a later date.

Now a frugal person might ask “What’s wrong with simply purchasing the item when it’s available? Why would I put my money and accounts at risk when there’s a system in place that already works?” Well those are fine questions... fine, fine questions...

Above: Deal with it

Perhaps it's aprecursor to pre-paid Steam Cards, or a way for younger gamers sans credit cards to purchase games more easily. Or it might simply be a way for Valve to get its money sooner... you know... before it goes through all the hassle of having to actually release a product (such as a certain episode to a series which will remain nameless). Of course, you don't have to use it (and why would you?).

If you know something we don’t, tell us in the comments or sign up for the Steam Wallet betahere(Buyer beware: all purchases on the beta are real and final.)

Sep 14, 2010

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