Val Kilmer added to Spider-Man: Edge of Time cast

Activision's Spider-Man: Edge of Time has secured the not-inconsiderable acting talents of Val Kilmer to play the game's villain, time-traveling supervillain Walker Sloan, the company has confirmed. Kilmer, who once played Batman, joins Laura Vandervoort, who once played Supergirl, and Katee Sackhoff, who hasn't been in anything about superheroes but was in Battlestar Galactica (which has robots in it, so that's almost as good).

As Sloan, Kilmer will play an evil genius who travels into the past to found an evil corporation, resulting in dire consequences that need not be explained because we've all seen Back to the Future 2. Sloan also employs the muscle of comic villain Anti-Venom via mind-control. While Kilmer is known for pictures like The Doors, Willow and Top Gun, a famously belligerent onset attitude saw his job description slowly slide from “huge movie star” into plain old “huge human being.” Having languished in direct-to-DVD action thrillers for some time now, Kilmer's role in the high-profile game ought to do only good things for the actor's reputation, as (1) he's a freaking great actor, and (2) nobody can see how jowly you've gotten when you're hidden inside a recording booth. You'll be able to hear how Kilmer and company do on October 25 when the game releases.

Jul 19, 2011

Source: Eurogamer