Upgrade or die

By EA | Out Q3 2006

Internet lore has it that EA only deals in creatively void sequels, sports games and creatively void sports sequels. Next time you encounter this view, quietly mention Spore and stand well back.

Spore gives you power over evolution, letting you fit limbs, eyes, mouths and everything else to early cellular life, then guide it as it grows. At first it just survives, but sentience sees conflict and soon full-scale (RTS-style) war.

Whole planetary systems await the ultimate dominance - or failure - of your (hopefully) intelligent designs. But is this just too much for a game to control? With the man behind The Sims and Sim City in charge, you'd have to bet "no."

Can't... resist... upgrade...
Obviously! Because never has a game dared to simulate events on such a massive (andmicroscopic) scale.