Upgrade or die

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
By Activision | Out TBA

Take the tactical guts of class-based online shooter/stunt festival Battlefield 2 and jam them, Strogg-style, into the bony chest of Quake IV.Congratulations! You've created Quake Wars: Enemy Territory.

More compact than BF2,Quake Wars is aimed at 24-32 players as opposed to 64. DEveloper Splash Damage is working hard on deployable items: rockets and rifles can be mounted for use by other classes, radar and weapon turrets can be set up and airstrikes called down. Even dust, snow and rain will affect each unit's effectiveness, as will time of day.

And while the humans have quads, APCs, hovercopters and the like, the Strogg boast jetpacks, giant robots and an Infiltrator class which can possess human corpses. Eeek. Balancing all this must be a nightmare, but if anyone can, Wolfenstein/Doom 3 multiplayer veteran Splash Damage can.

Can't... resist... upgrade...
Obviously! Because this is where cool future-tech collides with near-endless tactical options and gets blood all over itself.