Updated PS5 Digital Edition model spotted and it is slightly lighter than the first

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A slightly revised PS5 Digital Edition will start making its way to players soon, though you shouldn't be worried about missing out on a power boost or any other game-changing features.

The new change was spotted by Japanese Twitter user Renka_schedule then shared in English by games industry tipster Nibellion. The updated design for the PS5 Digital Edition will have model number CFI-1100B (the original version was CFI-1000B), and it looks like the main difference is the fact that the new version is 300 grams lighter. We likely won't learn where that minor weight difference comes from until consumers start getting their hands and screwdrivers on the new model to see how it differs on the inside.

Aside from the weight difference, it looks like the new version will also feature a slightly different screw for securing the console to its base plate. Sony recommended using a coin to turn the screw on the original version, but the documentation for CFI-1100B makes it look like you may be able to get this new screw finger-tight without any tools. A small difference, but still a pleasant upgrade for folks who already have their PS5 tipped over and just want to get the stand off (or back on) quickly and easily.

If you're still holding out hope for a PS5 re-stock and you're planning on picking up a Digital Edition, you may find future sales offer this model instead - or you may still get some of the older stock of original PS5 Digital Edition consoles. Either way, it doesn't seem worth the average consumer's effort to specifically try to get one or the other (at least from what we know of the hardware so far). Just keep hitting that "Add to Cart" button as soon as possible and you'll get there eventually.

Keen-eyed folks previously spotted a new hardware revision of PS5 that was registered in May, sporting revised wireless components, though we haven't seen that one roll out into retail just yet.

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