Universal finds Jeff The Immortal

Ask yourself this: what would you do if you suddenly developed amazing powers? Would you slap on tights and a cape and starting saving kittens from trees and putting an end to all wars? Or would you be selfish and make lots of money to buy crisps? We know what we’d do. Mmmm…. Crisps.

That’s the dilemma faced by the hero – if you can call him that – of Chris Bishop’s new pitch Jeff The Immortal, which Universal has just plunked down some cash to buy. "It's about a slacker who discovers he has supernatural powers but uses these new-found powers for selfish reasons," Bishop blabbed to Variety.

Apparently, he got the idea while watching Highlander and starting to wonder what he and his friends would do in that situation. There’s no director or cast attached yet, but it’ll likely be a popular project with superhero movies still big and if Will Smith’s twisted take on superpowers in John Hancock does well, expect Jeff to be pushed into development pronto.

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