Undead armada

Name: Carlito
Occupation: Keeping his shirt open just enough... and shooting at people

Frank meets Carlito right away -before he even gets into the mall, in fact. Like the Unknown Mystery Lady, Carlito is pure, unadulterated hotness, but in semi-masculine form. Still, his smoldering good looks quickly take second place to his automatic weapons fire, which he unfortunately directs at Frank. The reasons that Carlito has chosen civilization's moment of decline to go on a machine gun rampage remain unrevealed, but it certainly puts a damper on the likelihood that he and Frank will get to know each other any better.

Chance for survival: 1/5 Zombie Heads - Let's face it, putting yourself on the wrong side of Frank and his pals is a surefire way to get eaten by zombies. The only chance that Carlito is going to make it out alive is if he can hide from everyone for the rest of his life... or somehow switch sides.

Likely love connection? Hell no. While his brooding, Hispanic hotness is undeniable, his animosity towards Frank makes a death sentence more likely than a makeout session.