Undead armada

Name: Brad
Occupation: Something official... police officer, government spook?

Brad comes on strong right from the get-go. Wielding a gun and a no-nonesense attitude, he is somehow linked to the mysterious Jessie (but not romantically... we don't think, anyway). While he'll come to rely on Frank for backup on occasion, we doubt he'll be taking solace inFrank's big, strong, leather jacket-covered arms any time soon.

Chance for survival: 3/5 Zombie Heads - Brad is a tough guy, but he has a tough job that puts him in harm's way on a regular basis... we'd say that makes the odds nearly even that he becomes zombie chow.

Likely love connection? Almost definitely not. Although he and Frank share an intense and strained relationship similar to many married couples, we just don't feel the sparks catching between them. Besides, Frank's got hotter fish to fry...