Undead armada

Name: Unknown Mystery Lady
Occupation: She's a Mystery Lady, folks. We have no idea.

Unknown Mystery Lady is only glimpsed for a couple of seconds after Frank is first introduced to the writhing nightmare of the Willamette Mall. Still, if you cruise through our screenshot viewer by clicking on the Images tab above, you'll find some rather provocative pics of her and some heavy weaponry. Of course, she probably won't be making any further appearances in the demo that you're downloading, but it seems like she'll be a major player in Frank's future.

Chance for survival: 4/5 Zombie Heads - Nobody is going to get 5/5 Zombie Heads, but Unknown Mystery Lady undoubtedly has the best chances. Not only is she unbelievably hot, but she's got access to the ultimate in big-ass firearms.

Likely love connection? Hmmm... this is a tough one. Of course, we're sure Frank wouldn't balk at a possible hook up, but what motivation does the Unknown Mystery Lady have? It's a possibility, but our money is still on another...