Undead armada

This Friday has seen a ridiculous pile of Dead Rising goodies storm the GamesRadar offices as this game approaches critical mass. While you're downloading the new demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace (available today, woohoo!), rifle through the grab bag of risen-dead treats we've assembled.

First off, our generous sister publication Official Xbox Magazine has provided us with an exclusive look at zombie dismemberment on a massive scale with their short film entitled "60 Ways to Kill a Zombie" - accessible by clicking that infamous Movies tab above. Next up we've got another "Webisode" for you direct from Capcom depicting another of our meaty hero Frank's encounters with the messed up mall-crawlers.

And, finally, we've cooked up the rest of this feature to acquaint you with some of the folks that Frank will run into during the early part of his adventures. We've also gone ahead and rated each character on how likely they are to get out of the mall alive (5 Zombie Heads meaning they stand the best chance) and also how likely they are to hook up with Frank romantically. The results may shock you... so lash a garbage bag (or something else suitably moisture-resistant) over your chair and belt yourself in for a near-toxic dose of Dead Rising (at least until that demo finishes downloading...)