Uncharted post-credits scenes: how many are there and how do they set up a sequel?

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Uncharted is now out in the US and, of course, you want to know about everything about post-credits scenes: how many, how they set up a sequel, and when you can leave the cinema. After all, you can’t move nowadays for a big-budget blockbuster setting up new adventures and laying down breadcrumbs after the credits have finished rolling. 

Below, we’ll run through exactly why the Uncharted post-credits scenes are so important for Nathan Drake’s cinematic future, as well as that age-old question to avoid some awkward shuffling out of the cinema: “How many Uncharted post-credits scenes are there?”

So dust off your atlas and work on your swashbuckling as we map out where Uncharted is going next, using the post-credits as our guiding star.

How many Uncharted post-credits scenes are there?

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As is becoming fairly commonplace across the industry, there are two Uncharted post-credits scenes. Unlike the standard joke/sequel set-up one-two punch, however, both are story-centric and help set up the next chapter of Nathan Drake’s journey. As such, they’re well worth sticking around for. One comes immediately after the title card, while the other comes slightly later. All in, you’re looking at an extra 7-8 minutes, tops.

Warning: from this point on, there will be big Uncharted spoilers. You have been warned.

Uncharted post-credits scenes, explained: how they follow the games and set up Uncharted 2

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The first Uncharted post-credits scene pans across a prison cell block, filled with rows and rows of shifty-looking criminals. There is one cell, however, with a familiar face: Sam Drake. Yes, he’s alive and well. On top of surviving the pre-movie shootout as described by Sully, he’s looking particularly unkempt and has been sending Nate stacks of postcards. 

Why those messages are not reaching their destination is a mystery that a potential sequel will surely solve. Also on the agenda? How Sam is still breathing, why he’s currently locked up, and his current location. 

If it’s an echo of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Sam could be in Panama after getting himself caught up with some nefarious forces and might enlist the help of drug lord Hector Alcazar to escape. 

While a sequel hasn’t been confirmed as of writing, it’s clear that the continuation of Nate and Sam’s relationship will form the crux of any possible movie.

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Nate will need all the help he can get, too. As set up by the second post-credits scene, Uncharted 2 could be going all out in retracing the steps put down by 2007 video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Nate is seen sitting down with a brand-new original character Gage, played by Game of Thrones’ Pilou Asbaek. He’s there to strike a deal with a mysterious man by the name of ‘Roman’ who has taken particular interest in an old Nazi map and Drake’s ring, both of which could lead them to hidden treasure.

Roman, for those who know their Uncharted lore, is likely to be Gabriel Roman, the shady British treasure collector who crosses paths with Nate, Sully, and Elena in Drake’s Fortune. If Drake’s ring (believed to be inherited from Sir Francis Drake) is in play, that could also lead Nate on another treasure hunt and towards the road to El Dorado.

When talks go south, Sully bursts in. With a difference. He’s now sporting the moustache from the games, and brushes off Nate’s wisecracks. As the two of them flee, they are caught by an unseen figure off screen and raise their hands in surrender. There aren’t any clues as to the identity of the mystery person, though the pair have already upset Chloe so she’s the current favorite to stop Nate and Sully in their tracks. It could even be a smooth way to bring journalist Elena, a prominent figure in the games and future Nate love interest, into a sequel.

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