Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune first appeared last year as a stunning nameless demo, but lacked any real direction. However, during the last year or so it has gained shape, a name and a reputation as one of the most promising PS3 exclusives to date.

Developed by Jak %26amp; Daxter creators Naughty Dog, Drake's Fortune is a broad adventure that attempts to wrestle the responsibility for searching for lost treasure in exotic places away from Lara Croft and the fairer sex. The man in question is square-jawed, neat-haired Nathan Drake - a stylish Gap jeans-wearing, modern day Indiana Jones who sets out to find the fortune of some lost El Dorado gold. It's of particular interest to Nathan, however, as he believes that the booty once belonged to his ancestor, Sir Francis Drake.

Naughty Dog hasn't let the fact that Drake died childless from dysentery in 1596 get in the way of a good yarn, sothey've conjured up the idea that the Elizabethan sea captain faked his death in order to keep the precious treasures for himself. He hid most of it on a small Pacific island which is where we find Nathan battling pirates and smugglers to find it.