Uncharted 4 deepfake superimposes Nathan Fillion's face onto Nathan Drake's body

(Image credit: Allan Ungar)

A new deepfake video has superimposed actor Nathan Fillion's face onto the body of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and the results are both impressive, uncanny, and a teensy bit skin-crawling. 

Created by YouTube deepfaker Jarkan, the video uses a late game cut scene from Uncharted 4 (so contains spoilers for those who have yet to play Naughty Dog's 2016 PS4 exclusive) to see what Fillion might look like if the studio had used his real likeness for Drake's in-game model. 

Check it out for yourself below: 

Fillion has long expressed interest in playing the role of Nathan Drake, having been originally associated with the in-the-works movie adaption of the action-adventure series before Tom Holland eventually nabbed the role for himself. The Castle and Firefly star even played Drake in a live action fan film two years ago, and it's safe to say his performance nails the character perfectly. 

Of course, the games themselves feature prominent games industry actor Nolan North as the voice of Drake, and Naughty Dog Vice President recently suggested the studio might return to the world of Uncharted one day if it feels there's another story that's worth telling. It just needs to get The Last of Us 2 released first, of course.. 

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