Uncharted 3 Fortune Hunters' Club DLC season pass revealed

Because downloadable season passes are all the rage these days, Sony has announced Uncharted 3's very own DLC pre-order incentive program called the Fortune Hunters' Club. Though the name suggests otherwise, the club does not offer the opportunity to join others in a globe-trotting quest for untold treasures and riches. On the upside, it does allow players to save 45% on the next seven multiplayer packs – which is just as good for Nathan Drake fans who are planning to eat up everything Naughty Dog's action game has to offer.

Arriving on the PSN today, the Fortune Hunters' Club will grant members access to Uncharted 3's first four multiplayer packs and first three multiplayer skins when they arrive in November. Membership is priced at $24.99, which the PlayStation Blog states is a 45% savings considering the seven packs would cost over over $45 if purchased individually. In addition, those who buy the adventurously-named season pass will be rewarded with a free Fortune Hunters' Club theme, which might be worth the money alone depending on how much you like XMB themes.

Naughty Dog's Justin Richmond has all but confirmed Uncharted 3 DLC will be geared to its multiplayer component. This means the decision to pick up a Fortune Hunters' Club pass depends on how invested you think you'll in the game's online offerings. Will you be a member?

Oct 19, 2011

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